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Creating Reports

Users are able to create reports in Ambra in all of the name spaces in which they have access. To create a report, click “detail report” at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Upon clicking “detail report,” a box will appear to select which variables the report should show. One all columns are selected, an Excel file of the report will download.

Helpful fields to select could include:

  • Modality - which shows the image type (i.e. CT, MR, OT). NOTE: OT likely means the images is a WRAPPED DICOM file.

  • image_count - number of total images from all studies

  • clinical_site - site in which images were uploaded

  • Consortia - count of the numbers of studies for a particular study

  • protocol_id - RDCRN protocol number in which images were uploaded

  • global_local_ID - listing of the local IDs that have imaging studies uploaded


To see the report data in tabular format, create a Pivot table in Excel.

To create a report of number of studies by site in a particular study, complete the following steps:

  • Select all columns in the Excel report

  • Navigate to the Insert tab, then select Pivot Table

  • Select “clinical_site” for the rows and “Consortia” for the values



The support page can be accessed by clicking the “Help” link in the upper portion of the page.