RDCRN Slack Workspace


Quick Reference Guide

Access a Slack quick reference guide here.


Slack is a platform that enables team communication with persistent chat rooms (called channels in Slack), private groups, and direct messaging. The RDCRN Slack server is designed to aid direct communication with the DMCC but also to enable communication and collaboration between consortia members.

There are webpage based, desktop programs, and mobile app clients for Slack to let you stay connected wherever you are.

You can read more about Slack here.

Accessing the RDCRN Slack Workspace

To access Slack for the first time, please authenticate to the RDCRN Members Landing Page (instructions for authentication can be found here) and click on the link to Slack on the right hand side under Quick Links. You’ll get to the following screen:

Click on “Sign in with RDCRN” - this will take you to a screen on which you need to accept Slack’s terms and conditions:

Once you agree to the terms, you will get to the RDCRN Slack Workspace.

If you have the Slack app installed (either on your phone or your computer), then you should be prompted to open it the first time you access the RDCRN Workspace in your browser. If you ignored the prompt and wish to open the Slack app to the RDCRN Workspace at a later time, then click on the Workspace name in your browser and choose “Open the Slack App”.


Joining the Conversation

If this first time logging into the RDCRN Slack, please set a Display name by clicking on the profile box in the upper right and selecting Edit Profile and filling in your Display name with your name and the consortia you are associated with. Feel free to add prefered pronouns and a profile picture!




A chat room in Slack is called a channel. Here are a few of the current Slack channels available:

  • #dmcc: for connecting the people at the RDCRN DMCC

  • #general: place for discussions and announcements of general interest to RDCRN members

  • #genomics-sig: chat room for people conducting and interested in genomics research in RDCRN

To discover existing channels, please click on the “Browse Slack” or “More” menu entry on the right and then on “Channel browser”, see the screenshot below:


If you have an idea for a channel of general interest to RDCRN members, please feel free to make your own channel by clicking the plus (+) button next to Channels header.

Direct Messaging

Slack is also used for communicating directly, and privately, with other RDCRN members, individually or in groups. To start a private conversation click the plus (+) next to the Direct messages drop down.

Read more about this feature here.