1. Go to the RDCRN website here: 


  2. Alternately, go to the direct link to RDCRN SAS Studio here:

    https://sas.rarediseasesnetwork.org/SASStudio/. Skip to #5 below.

  3. Select “RDCRN Members Login” from top right and use your credentials to log in to the RDCRN Members Home page.

  4. From the RDCRN Members Home page, select SAS Studio from Quick Links on right side.

  5. Complete Duo authentication

  6. After logging in to SAS Studio, the main window of SAS Studio will appear consisting of a navigation pane on the left and a work area on the right.

  7. The five sections of the navigation pane provide access to your open files, folder shortcuts and SAS content, tasks and snippets, the libraries that you have access to, and your file references. The Server Files and Folders section is displayed by default.

  8. The work area is used to display your data, code, tasks, logs, and results. As you open these items, they are added to the work area as windows in a tabbed interface.

  9. To create a new program, select the first drop-down under the “Server Files and Folders” section of the navigation pane at the top left.

  10. The work area will open to the right displaying 3 primary tabs or windows:

    a.  Code: Enter, edit, submit, and save a SAS program.

    b.  Log: Browse notes, warnings, and errors relating to a submitted SAS program.

    c.   Results: Browse output from reporting procedures.

  11. To create a new folder, select and right-click the folder in the Server Files and Folders section in which you want to create the new folder. Select New and then Folder. The New Folder window appears. Enter the name of the new folder and it will be added to the list of folders.

  12. To upload one or more files from your local computer, select the folder to which you want to upload the files and right-click. The Upload Files window appears. Click to browse for the files that you want to upload. The maximum size of each uploaded file cannot exceed 100 MB.

  13. To download one or more files, right-click the files that you want to download and select Download file.

  14. To determine the pathname for a particular folder, right-click on the folder and select properties. A pop-up box will display showing the path for that folder. That path can be used in a Libname or filename statement in a SAS program to access the data. The path generally takes the form of /sasdata/user_home/<RDCRN ID>/. The RDCRN ID is auto-generated and generally has the following format: Firstname.Lastname.Institution. It is the same IDs used in REDCap and other RDCRN applications and can be ascertained by clicking on your name on the top right of the members' landing pages.

  15. Besides Base SAS, the following SAS products are installed on RDCRN SAS Studio:

    a.       SAS/STAT 15.1

    b.       SAS/GRAPH 9.4_M6

    c.       SAS/IML 15.1

    d.       SAS Integration Technologies 9.4_M6

    e.       SAS/Secure 168-bit 9.41_M3

    f.        High Performance Suite 2.2_M7

    g.       SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 9.4_M6

    h.       SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 9.4_M6

  16. For more information, click on the link below to access the SAS Studio User’s Guide: