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The RDCRN Cloud Environment is provided by NCATS and maintained by the Data Management and Coordinating Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. These pages are intended to serve as a brief introduction to the new DMCC’s secure, cloud-based web portal for RDCRN members and meant to answer the most commonly asked questions. Of note, our systems are still undergoing changes, in both design and content, as new functions are developed and come online. Should you have any questions, as well as for technical assistance, please feel free to reach out to support@rdcrn.org.


Figure 1: Schematic overview of the RDCRN “Operational Environment”, illustrating the number and variety of applications available to the RDCRN Consortia. All data stored in this environment as well as access permissions are the responsibility of the consortia. All RDCRN tools are accessible via the same single sign-on, which uses federated authentication with InCommon, NIH and login.gov. Certain automated data flows enable automation (see, e.g., here) and maximize data integrity, monitoring and reporting and seamless integration of data storage with analysis. For more details on each of the available tools, see the links on the left hand side of this page.


From here you can, for example,