RDCRN Pedigree Drawing Tool

What is it?

The RDCRN Pedigree Drawing Tool is based on pedigreejs. It allows for the creation, viewing, and editing of pedigrees within a browser. This pedigree can then be saved in various data formats, as well as SVG and PNG images.


Bug Fixes/Features

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Allow the proband designation to be changed to a different individual

  • Features

    • Added “Consultand” designation

    • Allow diseases to be displayed as either colors or patterns

    • Added the following symbols for individuals: ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy (fetus), and miscarriage [corrected symbol]

    • Added logic to prevent some data inconsistencies (i.e. Alive and Miscarriage)

    • Allow Disease Diagnosis values to be Age, Date, or Present/Absent.

    • Save pedigree information in 2 different JSON formats

    • Save pedigree information in PED format

    • Allow up to 3 spouses for a given individual

    • Drag-and-Drop to re-arrange disease/phenotype list order in configuration (added 12/8/2020)

    • Additional individual fields: DNA Sample, Local ID, GUID (added 12/8/2020)

    • Create list of questions/checklist for user to answer before saving the pedigree (added 12/8/2020)

    • Zoom in and out of pedigree (added 12/8/2020)

    • Add Death date/age/year field when an individual is deceased (added 12/8/2020)

Upcoming Bug Fixes/Features

  • Allow 3+ parents for an individual to allow for: sperm/ovum donors, surrogates, and adoptions.

  • Correctly display sperm/ovum donors and surrogates

  • Create De-identified view for image saving and/or export