RDCRN Biospecimen Tracker

The Biospecimen Tracker allows RDCRN users to view and track shipments containing biospecimen samples.

How it works

  1. Information about biospecimen samples is collected in REDCap.

  2. Once a sample is flagged in REDCap as “Ready to Ship” it becomes available in the Biospecimen Tracker application.

  3. One or more samples can be combined into a shipment and the details of the shipment are recorded in the Tracker including the shipping carrier and tracking number.

  4. The Biospecimen Tracker displays the status of the shipment as updates are provided from the shipping carrier.

  5. Once a shipment is received by the destination site the shipment’s status is shown as “Delivered” and this information is shared back into the REDCap sample collection form.

The Biospecimen Tracker supports

  • Samples that have been divided into aliquots

  • Samples that are shipped more than once

  • Shipments containing samples from more than one Protocol

  • Email alerts when shipments are created and delivered

  • The ability for a user at the receiving site to confirm the receipt of each individual sample

How to access the Biospecimen Tracker

If your protocol has a REDCap sample collection form that connects to the Biospecimen Tracker, a link to the Tracker will appear on your consortium’s landing page along with any other resources associated with your protocol.



This document includes details about REDCap form data elements used by the Biospecimen Shipment Tracker:

Biospecimen Tracker Video Training

Click the play icon to start the video. Use the full screen icon in the lower right to view a larger version.