RDCRN Training Software - Moodle

What is Moodle?

RDCRN uses the Moodle platform to deliver our training courses. Moodle is an open source education platform similar to Blackboard which can host and deliver training content in many forms including video, forums, and quizzes. A typical RDCRN training module will host a recorded video training and a one-question quiz that serves as an attestation that you’ve viewed the video content.

How to Access Trainings for your consortium and protocol

Users can find training courses for their protocol under their consortium’s tab of the Members Landing Page.

Training Courses are typically found under the following icon:

To Find your courses, be sure to

  • login to the RDCRN at https://www.rarediseasesnetwork.org/

  • click on the Consortia pages tab

  • click on your Consortium

  • depending on the amount of resources currently provided to your consortium the content may be organized into tabs on the lefthand side of the Members Landing Page.

    • if your consortium space only has a “Resources” tab, simply select the desired course from the icons available.

    • if your consortium space has a “Resources” tab and a “Protocols” tab. Training content that is applicable for ALL consortium members can be found in the resources tab, and content that is applicable to only members of a specific protocol can be found under the protocols tab and the subsequent protocol folders.

How to request a course for construction

The DMCC will construct and distribute your course. Please provide your course materials (Typically video training file, and content quiz with key) to your DMCC project manager. They will submit a helpdesk ticket complete with the materials, and any information on which protocols require access to the course and whether any additional members ought to be designated as teachers.

How to take a course

See this helpful documentation if you are having trouble successfully completing the Moodle Course

How to ask for help

Having trouble? Submit a ticket to the RDCRN helpdesk.